Prosperity Series Memphis | Do you use the compound effect for success or failure?


Do you use the compound effect for success or failure?

By Terri Murphy

Did you notice that life has a never-ending “to-do” list?

If you are like many of us overachievers, you want to do it all and really try to get “it” all done but how well do you do that when “life” happens to get in the way?  Life has a way of derailing even the most vigilant of intentions.  Countless teachers, preachers and guru’s tell us how we must put “ourselves” first, yet somehow we must fit it all in the same time frame of a 24 hour day.

So why is it that some people seem to get where they want to go and while we just can’t seem to stay on track to achieve the results we seek?

Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine authored a great little book, The Compound Effect”.  His message offers us an extraordinary insight into how we can multiply our success by using the power of compounding, one simple step at a time.   He notes that by plugging in a few key disciplines you could get to that major breakthrough you’ve been working so diligently to achieve.

We underestimate the power of those basic habits that can propel us forward, take us down or worse, simply make us tread water.   Hardy lays out how small smart choices can add up to massive transformation in our lives and our accomplishments, but only if we are willing.  He says” We need to “wake up and realize the habits you indulge in could be compounding your life into repeated disaster”.

As an example…so just for today…what if…

  • You skipped that daily morning latte and saved $5 every day for a year…could you use an extra $1, 825?
  • If you started walking even 1 mile a day – How would your health improve after walking 365 miles in a year?
  • If you made 2 calls a day 5 days a week to contact past customers would you have increased your bottom line after connecting with over 500 prospects a year?
  • What if you focused on personal development for only 1 hour a week for a full year?  How would that profoundly improve the level of your expertise?

We all get so busy “doing” but in that busy-ness,   are we making those powerful “seconds” of our lives count?  There is an infinite power in “consistency” and it impacts your time either positively or negatively.   As Hardy says, “Winning the race is all about pace”.  Be the person, who given enough time will beat virtually anybody in any competition as the result of positive habits and behaviors, applied consistently”.

So as you face another work week, know that you have literally hundreds of small decisions that when executed put you on a trajectory to hit the wall or put you on track to go for WOW….

Know that you have the choice every day to use the power of compounding to create greatness for you and those around you.  Which direction are you choosing today?

Bio: Terri Murphy is a communication consultant, speaker, and a published author of 5 books, including her latest with Donald Trump. She is the founder and Pres. of mailto: and serves as CIO of U. S. Learning in Memphis and Email: – And for more info visit: