Prosperity Series Memphis | Can we expect you on June 12 at The Botanic Gardens?


Can we expect you on June 12 at The Botanic Gardens?

Are you seduced by a link, like or follow?
Transform your networking into powerful business opportunities on June 12th!
Thom Singer

Do you know how to avoid superficial linking so you can easily build a powerful online and offline referral network?

Find out the top strategies from our June subject matter expert, Thom Singer. who specializes on maximizing the power of business relationships.

Thom specializes in transforming your networking, presentation skills and entrepreneurship into profit centers. He’ll share with us:

  • How to move beyond the superficial connections of “likes,” “links,” “shares” and “follows” in our social media crazy world
  • What you need to know to reignite, revitalize and re-embrace the long-term and mutually beneficial relationships that lead to more business.