Prosperity Series Memphis | Money Monday at Noon KWAM990 Don Hutson on Selling Value


Money Monday at Noon KWAM990 Don Hutson on Selling Value

Selling Value By Don Hutson

Selling Value:
Principles of Value Based Selling

To Be Released Early Next Week

SELLING VALUE is 305 pages of solid content to help you out perform your competition while keeping your customers happy. It is presented in four parts: Mastering the Head Game; Your Blueprint for Sales Success; Understanding Your Customer; and Securing and Growing the Business; The fifteen chapters outline the most critical content for exceptional sales results in a competitive environment. One premise set forth is that the most important definition of value is your prospect’s definition! You will gain many ideas from this content-rich work on the skill of SELLING VALUE for greater successes!

Don guests on Marybeth Conley’s “Money Monday” show KWAM990 about how to get more sales in today’s market by Selling VALUE when he shares the top key principles of value based selling in his new book to be released early next week.  Click Here LIVE LINK